What is Pokemon Forest?

Pokemon Forest is a free to play Pokemon browser game made in PHP.Upon signing up, you can catch and train all pokemon from across the 7 generations!

Try to make the rankings or complete your personal aims!

Is my personal information safe?

Upon signing up we use your email address to send you password reminders and your IP adrress is stored in a database incase of bans.

Passwords are encrypted and cannot be viewed by anyone

What are event Pokemon and how do I obtain them?

All Pokemon with forms e.g. Deoxys (Attack/Defense/Speed), Kyurem (White/Black) etc. will be released as limtied time events via various methods such as map releases, promos, colecting contest.
Once the event is up the Pokemon will become unobtainable until further notice.

Are there any fakemon in game?

No but if users request them then I will add them into the game!

How do I obtain more starters?

To keep the rarity of starters, they are only available through sign up.

Any users caught making multiple accounts for starters will be banned.

The only other way to obtain starters is through the "Collection Machine".

Okay, so I can obtain starters through collection machine? Why is it so difficult!

Simple, to keep starters rare and keep the value of them.

Not all starters are available though!

Starters available in the collection machine rotate in order of region every 2 months e.g. Kanto -> Johto -> Hoen etc.
Please note that when the starters return, the Pokemon required to obtain them will change, so make sure you are fast!

What types of Pokemon are there to catch?

Like the original games, just Normal and Shiny.

How do I obtain Mega Pokemon?

To say thank you to users who donate to pay towatrds server costs, users are given "Tokens". In the Token Shop you can exchange Tokens for Mega Pokemon.

For now, this is the only way to obtain Megas but this is subject to change.

How do I catch legendaries?

After defeating all Gyms/Forest League/Champions you can catch Legends on maps.

Beware they are rare and once on a map you can see if you are eligible to catch legends.

I see a clock in game. What Timezone does this game follow?

GMT (UK) Time.

This page is subject to be updated, content can be removed at any time. (Last edited 17/11/2017)