---------------------------------------- POKEMON FOREST V1 CHANGES/UPDATES ----------------------------------------
Only Shiny and Normal Pokemon In game
Max level is 100
Changed Snow Machine to Shiny Machine
Changed Shiny Machine success rate to 20% (subject to change)
Changed homepage css
Removed clans (needs fixing)
Removed chat room link (until I make one)

Added all Normal Sprite gifs
Added Training account - id#2 can be located on staff page.
Added IVs and Nature to Pokemon. This applies to all places Pokemon are obtained. Please note that for now this is just for show, they have no impact on battles.
Changed price of all legends in shop to hopefully make them "rare"

Added Trainer EXP Rankings to ranking page
Changed map names
Added FAQ Page
Added Kalos Starters to Sign Up page as well as laying the starters out by their generation. (Will add the generation to sign up page for users who do not know them)
Coded some back end admin stuff.

Added total Pokemon in game to the uniques section on profile so that you know how many you have to go to complete the dex. This includes forms, Alolan forms and Shinies but please note not all 2262 Pokemon are in game yet.
Added Server time to game. Clock goes by UK Time
Added a Google Calendar to the game. Never miss out on scheduled events and promo changes again! Located under the "Pokemon Forest Calendar" tab in game and on home page.
Changed online activity time from 60 minutes to 10 minutes on online users page.
Added Unova Gyms. You must complete them in order to catch legends on map.
Changed Helios League to Forest League
Added Alder to Forest League
Changed Red to Admin and made the Pokemon Level 120 to make it a challenge.

We are on our new domain, hoorah!
Wild Pokemon levels can only be 5 or 6

Added Most Defeats to the ranking page

Pokemon added to game are as follows:
All gen 6 starters/evolutions (Obtainable through sign up,collection machine)
Litleo,Bunnelby,Skiddo,Flabebe and all their evolutions (Added to maps)
A couple of new attacks have been added in game.

All gyms up to Alola (Gen 7)
All Pokemon added to game (up to Gen 7)
Battles not refreshing page
New Map Images
Shiny Sprite Gifs